Cambridge 5-Tier Appetizer Trays also function as wine glass holders for party guests.

We've Been Creating Innovative Products for over 25 Years

We are a family-owned business and have been in business Since 1998.

We started making products for style and found that function and innovation was equally important. One of our first products was the drink clutch that lets you discreetly carry a bottle of wine in your purse. That was the beginning of creating our innovative products and it sure worked because Oprah found it to be one of her favorite things.

We hope our products will be your favorite things and we are keeping our prices low so you can be successful.

We Keep Our Prices Low. It's our Way of Giving Back

We are a family-owned business and can relate to the stress that the virus has caused for businesses.

The CoronaVirus inspired us to help our customers even more.

We wanted to help and making masks was the best way to help other business owners.

True to our Primeware innovation, we created a multi-featured high-quality mask. 

True to our Values of Supporting our Customers, we are selling it a low cost so everyone can be safe.

Feedback From Our Happy Customers

 " Our Hallmark store was having a hard time weathering the Covid storm. We bought some masks to see how they would sell and they sold out in one day !  Word spread fast and now it's like Christmas in May.  Thanks for keeping the prices low and helping us stay in business."

"Our employees were anxious about coming back to work.  We bought the masks with our logo for both customers and our employees.    Our customers wanted to buy them because they are so comfortable. It's been amazing, we walk around our town and people are proudly wearing our masks."

Featured In The Press

Our Products are the Talk of the Party

Our goal is to design and manufacture stylish, unique, multi-functional, high-quality products.

Our designs are stylish and are perfect for everyday use or that special soiree. 

Whether you're hosting or a guest, you'll be the one bringing the party.