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Cork Bottle Carrier

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Item Number: 4006-CR

Product description:


Stylish, well-made leather wine tote. The Enclave is both functional and luxurious, featuring a sophisticated design that fits your favorite bottle of wine for easy transport. Top closes with a leather loop closure and the front secures shut with a zipper top. Front pocket has a snap closure that holds a corkscrew. Stainless-steel corkscrew is included with tote.


Wine is a perfect accompaniment to almost any activity. Imagine a sunset at the beach, a weekend getaway, a game of golf with friends or a trip to your favorite restaurant. The Enclave wine carrier is perfect way bring your favorite bottles to any outing.

Wine Bag Features:
- Made of 100% Genuine Leather
- Shoulder Strap
- Front pocket for holding a corkscrew
- Stainless-steel corkscrew Included 

Travel in Style:

A beautiful gift for a wine connoisseur. The Enclave offers an attractive and discreet way to carry those special bottles. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or house-warming gifts.


● GENUINE CORK  – The Enclave is a luxurious cork wine carrier featuring a sophisticated design to safely tote your wine to its next destination. 
MODERN DESIGN WITH MODERN FUNCTIONALITY- Soft faux lining will keep your wine at the perfect temperature and adds additional utility to this timeless product. 
 PREMIUM GRADE Bonded Leather - High-grade bonded leather is easy to clean and maintain.
 CORKSCREW INCLUEDED – A stainless steel waiter style corkscrew is included.
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